Friday, April 25, 2008

Combat Paper Video

Jill Littlewood sent along a note that filmmaker Sara Nesson travelled with the Combat Paper/Warrior Writers project when they came through Santa Barbara last month.

"Everyone stayed with me - what a party - and then Sara and one of the veterans came back and stayed with us for two weeks," said Jill. "She made this trailer, called "Iraq ,Paper, Scissors" while she was here. It is a gem in itself - the whole documentary will be feature length but this
gives a real feel of who these guys are and what an extraordinary book and paper project this is.

"Anyone who was in DC got a feel for this when Drew Matott and Drew Cameron gave their presentation - this gives background to the project and also shows where it has gone since that time."

If you weren't in DC you may begin to understand the impact these two young men had on the Friends.

Please note, there is adult language used in the video. It may not be appropriate for young children.

Also, here is a link to a story about the Combat Paper Project in the Boston Globe.


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