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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Land Studies: New Work By May Babcock @ AS220 ~ Providence, RI

Land Studies: New Work By May Babcock ~ AS220 ~ Providence, R.I.
Installation view of the show. These are a series of 5 pulp paintings, measuring approximately 2′ x 4′. I used a base sheet of recycled pulps and Japanese Knotweed fiber. The black pulp is from rag, beaten to a very fine pulp. These are made entirely of paper pulp, but the technique I used isn’t truly ‘pulp painting.’ It’s more like a papermaking version of the monotype…I will post tutorial at my more generically papermaking blog/website,

Monday, April 14, 2014

Poetry & Book Extravaganza ~ Santa Cruz

Poetry & Book Arts Extravaganza ~ Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History
Papermaking was one of the demonstrations at the recent Poetry and Book Arts Extravaganza at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History. FDH members Peter Thomas and John Babcock lead a crew of volunteers teaching the patrons to make a sheet of paper. Peter amazed many a 10 year old boy showing his miniature "cocktail" beater in operation. Wish you all were there.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Le Moulin de la Rouzique ~ Couze et Saint Front, France

Moulin รก Papier de La Rouzique ~ Couze-et-St-Front, France
One of the oldest, if not the first paper mill built in France. Famous for the PH neutral waters of the Couze which power the mill.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory Summer Internships: Apply by April 18th

The Internship Program has been an integral part of the Morgan Conservatory since its creation in 2008. Morgan internships provide mutual benefit to the Morgan Conservatory and to interns. Interns will be immersed in hand papermaking, book arts, and letterpress in exchange for completing tasks that include, but are not limited to tending the garden, assisting with workshops, maintaining the studios, and other general housekeeping and assigned tasks. Interns are expected to be engaged with the papermaking processes, both Eastern and Western styles; our goal is that every intern become a proficient papermaker by the end of the internship term.  

The Morgan Conservatory seeks interns who work well in groups, take initiative, are willing and able to do physical labor, and are able to handle the flowing nature of our working studio. Tasks may vary day-to-day. Interns will work under the intern coordinator as well as with our artistic director and paper studio coordinator. Interns will also have the opportunity to work alongside visiting artists and instructors with national reputations. All Internships are unpaid.    

We are offering full-time and part-time internships during the summer 2014. More information and details on how to apply are available on our website. 

The deadline to apply is April 18, 2014.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Day Of Turkish Marbling ~ Aimia Artworks ~ Columbus, OH

Aimia Artworks ~ Columbus, OH
Watercolor marbling was perfected early in the 15th century, in the area of the Middle East that now encompasses Turkey, Iraq and Iran, but very soon became cloaked in a secrecy that lasted centuries--a secrecy imposed first by artisans serving the Ottoman Emperors and then by the  European craft guilds whose proscriptions against revealing details of the process extended to exile and even death. Those brave few who nevertheless committed its details to paper for posterity have thereby earned our eternal gratitude. They made possible the 20th-century revival of marbling in America, from which the craft now enjoys a renaissance of research, experimentation, and artistic refinement throughout the world.

Far from fearing the consequences of exposing their craft like those early practitioners, many of today"s marblers openly share it as teachers, confident that this will spur creativity in marbling as an art form whose intricate patterns excite and amaze us no less than they did those who first saw them over half a millennium ago. Even the questions asked then are the same as those asked today: Were all of those lines painted separately? Why don"t the colors dissolve, or blend into one another? Why don"t they wash off the paper? It"s magic, right? Come, dispel the mystery but not the exhilaration and gratification of this magical art. Learn its history, chemistry, techniques, many of its traditional patterns and some modern variations, and take home many wonder-ful papers for your own creative uses.

All marbling supplies are included in the fee.

Just plan to have a great time!...and bring these items for your own use: Work clothes, apron, or smock Hair covering--scarf, wrap, or cap Sensible Shoes--you"ll be on your feet a lot Cardboard, corrugated (2 pieces c. 15” x 20” 
Notebook or pad and pen--for taking notes and, of course, Lunch--I"ll supply coffee (leaded), tea (unleaded), filtered water

WHERE: 3304 Grasmere Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43224

WHEN: SATURDAY, April 19, 2014--9:30-4:30
Open studio SUNDAY afternoon, 1-3

COST: $135 covers all. Class limit, 8
Reserve a place: $60 deposit by 4/6/14 to Ann Woods at the address above

Monday, March 31, 2014

Totally Tool ~ Felt Brush

Joyce Gold ~ Houston, TX

When you asked what my favorite tool is, I right away thought of my brush that I use to clean off my pellon, felts, blankets, and moulds. Soft and productive in cleaning off pulp. If you have a dog, buy 2!
I also like Simply Good Stuff's 'Household Sweepa Rubber Broom' for the wet floors.