Friday, December 19, 2014

Three Dimensions out of Two: Eye-popping, Mind-blowing Paper Engineering

Julie Chen’s Cat’s Cradle, 2013, edition of 50 (photo: Sibila Savage)

Book Review

Three Dimensions out of Two: Eye-popping, Mind-blowing Paper Engineering

Pop-ups are intrinsically magical. As children, they offer us a peek into other worlds; as adults, we associate them with the wonder of childhood and exploring the multiple layers of narrative and illustration. When we’re first introduced to them, their complexity is both incomprehensible and inspiring. This book allows the reader to make sense of the magic inside pop-ups and teaches you how to construct everything from the simplest to the most complex structures.

Spread featuring Peter Apian’s Libro dela Cosmographia, 1548 (photo: J. Adam Fenster/University of Rochester)

Spread featuring Masahiro Chatani’s Infinity

Author Helen Hiebert is an accomplished paper artist with an active studio practice and several books under her belt, so those of you who know her work will see an entirely new aspect of it here. Those of you who don’t know her work are in for a treat, as this book is the perfect place to start. The brief introduction provides a surprising history of the medium before diving right into its contemporary role. Chapter one outlines the basics of cutting, scoring, folding, and popping, complete with vocab and easy anatomical analyses of pop-up dynamics. Chapter two offers up fifteen projects to play with, and refreshingly clear diagrams, templates, and concise descriptions walk you through step by step. Even for those whose comfort zone ends with 2-D designs (I speak from experience), this book makes the 3-D realm eminently approachable. Hiebert then brings in expert paper engineers from around the globe and highlights their work and insights in the third-chapter gallery of 25 artists plus directory. With over 22 pages of templates and additional online and off-line resources, the book is a perfect combination of how-to instructions plus oh-wow images.

Step-by-step diagrams and templates

One of the 15 projects from chapter 2

As smartphones, tablets, and other digital technologies get us hooked with smooth reveals and animated interpretations of old book technologies, pop-up paper maintains its unique advantage: 3-D details can profoundly inform 2-D content when seen side by side, and there’s nothing like getting your hands moving in a book to then let it move your heart and mind. With their unfurling and unfolding, the transformations made possible by pop-up paper designs are the ultimate, original interactive technology.

Creating the rotating paper mechanism known as a volvelle

Playing with Pop-ups is an ideal book for art students, creative types, design professionals, and anyone with an interest in creating children’s books—or engaging books for people of any age. This is a book for makers.

Reviewed by Alta Price

• Flexibound, 144 Pages
• ISBN: 9781592539086
• Quarry Books
• 250 color photos
• 8.75 x 10.25 inches
• Published: Spring 2014
• List Price: $24.99

Shelby Arnold’s Tunnel Book

Elod Beregszaszi’s Corbusier Villa, 2012 (photo: Elod Beregszaszi)

Peter Dahmen’s Peacock, 2010

Featured Artists and Paper Engineers
Sam Ita
Jie Qi

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

An Artist's Bookmobile Looking for Your Support!

Alicia Bailey is an amazing bookbinder, artist book gallery owner, and also someone starting a very cool bookmobile project. Here is Alicia's message to you:

I have a great job; I get to show off artists’ books to visitors at Abecedarian Gallery. I show books to people who love and buy them, and I show books to people who don't know anything about them.

Artists' books are so wonderful, I want to show them to everybody, not just people who can visit the gallery . . . . to people  who live in small towns, far away from museums, galleries and universities. If I raise my own funds I can arrange visits at schools, libraries and community centers without administrative headaches like budget cuts or grant applications. 

What I already have...

I have a lot of wonderful books to take on the road, I have a roomy car and good packing crates, I have a great assistant who will keep the gallery open while I am away. I have a long list of schools, libraries, community centers and art galleries I want to visit. 

What I need from you...

Mostly I need money . . .
• for gas
• for lodging
• for extra insurance for the traveling books
• for paying my assistant to work extra hours while I'm away

What you'll get from me...

There are lots of perks to choose from - I can't put pictures in the perk descriptions so I've put some pics here . . . you can also see a list of perks with links/images and descriptions by clicking here. If the link doesn't work - you'll need to manually type in:

More information at:

Friday, November 7, 2014

Arizona State University: Hiring Book Arts Faculty ~ Tempe, AZ

ASU ~ Herberger Institute for Design & the Arts ~ Tempe, AZ

Arizona State University is currently accepting applications for the Book Arts position, deadline is December 23, 2014, or every two weeks until filled.

The ideal candidate will be an energetic, innovative, and bright book artist who can contribute to the continued success of the printmaking program.

Assistant Professor of Book Arts, School of Art 
Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University 
The School of Art in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University seeks an  exceptional artist in the area of Book Arts for a full-time tenure-track appointment at the assistant professor level beginning fall 2015.
Arizona State University is a new model for American higher education, an unprecedented combination of academic excellence, entrepreneurial energy and broad access. This New American University is a single, unified institution comprising four differentiated campuses positively impacting the economic, social, cultural and environmental health of the communities it serves. Its research is inspired by real world application blurring the boundaries that traditionally separate academic disciplines. ASU serves more than 80,000 students in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona, the nation's fifth largest city. ASU champions intellectual and cultural diversity, and welcomes students from all fifty states and more than one hundred nations across the globe.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

iBookBinding ~ Paul Thomson ~ Paul Thomson & Family
Recently "retired" book binder Paul Thomson has launched a new website for bookbinding resources and tutorials. With some 40+ years experience in the bookbinding trade, Paul has a lot to offer through this website which is updated weekly with new information and video tutorials.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

{this is ourselves} Under Pressure ~ Bryant Street Studios ~ San Francisco

{this is ourselves} Under Pressure ~ 1890 Bryant Street Studios, 3rd Floor, Studio #308
In accordance with the theme of this year’s joint conference, Paper on the Press{this is ourselves} Under Pressure presents a contemporary perspective on the historic applications of paper & print. For ages, they have worked together to deliver entertainment, to disseminate knowledge, to spread belief systems and propaganda, to report rules, regulations and current happenings. Predated by the town crier, the combination of paper + print (+ human) to get the word out implies a sense of urgency – working under pressure to ask pressing questions & confront pressing issues. The works in {this is ourselves} Under Pressure use traditional and contemporary paper and print making techniques to encounter the pressing issues of today and envision a different future. Participating artists: May Babcock, Jennifer Baker, Drew Cameron, Kerri Cushman + Jessica Peterson, Nicole Donnelly, Julia Goodman, Amy Leners, Kent Manske, Marie Bannerot McInerney, Scott Murphy, Rebecca Redman, Suzanne Sawyer, Anna Terrarova, Michelle Wilson, and Nanette Wylde. 
Opening Reception 6-9pm
Located at 1890 Bryant Street Studios, 3rd Floor, Studio #308
San Francisco, CA 94110  

Exhibition Dates: Oct. 17th from 1-9pm

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cast Paper w/ Print Imagery Workshop ~ SFCB

Cast Paper With Print Imagery ~ October 16th, 1:00-4:00pm @ San Francisco Center for the Book
This class involves using a printed image and merging it with a dimensional form during the paper casting process. Andrea and Jon use clay moulds because of their durability, lightweight and ease to recycle. Jon Hook, ceramic artist and expert in clay mold making, will lead participants in the construction of a clay mold using natural forms or something you bring to the class. This will be used as a future tool for your casting paper projects. During the class, Andrea Peterson, paper/print artist, will lead you through the casting process with print inclusion with fired clay moulds.  Students may bring printed image to try otherwise a selection will be available for experimentation. 
Materials to Bring:  Objects that could fit in two hands to cast (optional)
Workshop Fee: $150
Date & Time: Thursday, October 16, 2014 :: 1:00-4:00PM
Location: This workshop will take place at 375 Rhode Island St, San Francisco, CA 94103
Note: Please read the SFCB Registration Policies before signing up for a class
About the Instructors | Jon Hook & Andrea Peterson

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pulp Painting @ Bryant Street Studios ~ San Francisco

Pulp Painting With Guest Instructor Michelle Wilson ~ 1890 Bryant Street
CLASS DATE: September 20th. 2014
CLASS TIME: 10am - 4pm
Taught by Michelle Wilson
Class Held at 1890 Bryant Street, San Francisco CA 94110
Finely beaten paper pulp can act just like paint to make brilliant imagery in handmade paper. When dried, the painting is an actual part of the paper, which can stand alone or be transformed further through drawing, printing, traditional painting, or whatever you can think of for a mixed media creation. This class will cover various pulp painting techniques including direct painting, stencils, collage inclusions, and other means of pulp-based mark-making. Sheets will be air dried and some left to dry under pressure for several days and mailed to students.
Materials are included, and there is a short tool list which will be emailed for the class once you are enrolled.