Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Southwest School of Art Seeks Interim Chair of Paper and Book Arts

Southwest School of Art invites applications to the part-time position of Interim Chair of Paper and Book Arts. Artists interested in this position are encouraged to send a letter of application, a copy of their curriculum vitae, examples of their own work and student work, and a teaching philosophy to the attention of HR@swschool.org.

The closing date for this search is November 15, 2018. The successful candidate must be available to begin prior to the start of the next semester (January 7th). The application letter should address the applicant’s ability to meet the following job description.

The Interim Chair of Paper and Book Arts is a part-time position to manage the department, supporting Southwest School of Art in pursuit of its strategic plan by delivering high quality educational experiences for both the BFA degree program and the school’s community programs, helping with the maintenance of the studios and studio equipment, and coordinating scheduling. Therefore the Chair will:

  • Engage with the student experience at all levels by supporting the curriculum, including mentoring and advising
  • Ensure access to excellent teachers, use of functional spaces, and proactive Student Services support students achieving their learning goals
  • Use established assessment and evaluation tools that measure student satisfaction and their progress toward stated institutional academic outcomes
  • Engage with the campus community and its constituents in formal and informal settings and/or events to maintain a positive collegial atmosphere
  • Follow school policies to support programming consistency as well as student and faculty excellence
  • Follow school policies with respect to documentation of all activities within the program

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