Friday, May 30, 2008

Tidewater Cottage and Studio Opens

Winnie Radolan has announced the opening of Tidewater Cottage and Studio.

“My hope is that this wonderful space will offer my friends in the arts an opportunity to spend a weekend, a week, or more in these peaceful nurturing surroundings while theyrecharge their creative batteries in the making of art.”

The brand-new cottage is warmly furnished and features a fully equipped kitchen/family room, three bedrooms and two baths, and will comfortably accommodate up to six persons. The expansive studio beneath the living quarters is a fully outfitted papermaking facility, which is also available for workshops in the related arts.

Tidewater is located in a quiet residential area which is only two blocks from viewing the spectacular sunsets on the beaches of the Delaware Bay.Tidewater offers papermaking retreat weekends and weeks at the south New Jersey shore. Papermaking studio rental with instruction/consultation is also available. For further information, contact Winnie, or (215) 715-6388.

Here is the summer schedule.

June 16 – 20 – Pulp, Sand and Sea Immersion I. Spend the week splashing around in vats of cotton rag, abaca, linen and other beautiful “base sheet” fibers. It will be a concentrated week of experimenting with your “voice,” expressed in the medium of handmade paper.

June 28/29 – Japanese Papermaking.
Japanese paper, or washi is known for its transparency, strength and beauty. In this workshop, lecture time will encompass the history and traditional methods of preparing the inner bark fibers that make these special papers of great character

July 12/13 – Paper Basics. Spend the day/weekend in vats of deliciously colored paper pulp, exploring papermaking techniques of layering, embedding, embossing, stenciling and more.

July 19/20 – Plant Fiber Papers. Learn what and when to harvest and how to cook and process fibers from your garden cast-offs. Create uniquely colored and textured “artist papers” for collage, book pages, stationary and more.

August 9/10 – High Shrinkage Adventures. Explore the luxurious qualities of abaca and flax fibers that have lingered at length in the beater. Construct simple armatures around which to wrap these strong high shrinkage fibers for experimental 3D paperworks.

August 18 – 22 – Pulp, Sand & Sea Immersion II. During this week-long immersion in western and eastern papermaking materials and techniques, activities will include pulp painting, pouring large sheets, making veggie papyrus, working with Japanese fibers and more.

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