Monday, February 23, 2009

Treewhispers Installed in Chicago

I received a note from Pamela Paulsrud a couple of days ago, letting us know that she recently installed Treewhispers at the Newberry Library. Pamela and the late Marilyn Sward began Treewhispers in the year 2000.

Treewhispers is a traveling, ever-changing and growing art installation. It is an international collaboration involving paper, art and stories relating to trees. Round, handmade papers have been gathered from participants around the world. On the papers, contributors have remembered a tree or the spirit of a tree.

Some contributions are simply a magnificent example of beautiful handmade paper and some include text and/or imagery. Some suggest tree rings, depict leaves or illustrate a personally significant tree; others are imprinted with a poem or a meaningful story relating to trees. The handmade paper is bound together to create large tree assemblages and ultimately a "forest" of hanging tree rings.

Said Pamela: "It truly is an amazing installation with handmade paper from so many people—from so many places."

It is coinciding with Explorations 2009, the annual Chicago Calligraphy Collective juried exhibit.

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