Friday, December 18, 2009

Hanji Papermaking Videos from Aimee Lee

Aimee Lee sends along the following about her adventures with hanji papermaking. The videos are awesome!

The entire process of making hanji as taped in the south of Korea at the paper mill of master hanji maker Shin Hyun Seh.

Making bamboo screens for hanji production: Yoo Bae Gun is the only screen maker left in Korea.

Four different hanji makers using the traditional webal technique for sheet formation (a single screen on a mould with no additional frame or deckle on top).

My own journey apprenticing at a family-operated hanji mill.

Additionally, I found a short video about a paper mill in Jeonju that I had visited twice in Korea. They use a half-mechanized sheet formation technique that is related to the Japanese style of sheet formation, but the information in the video is still relevant.

As an aside, my trip to Miami during Art Basel to promote my hanji exhibit was a great success, and we got lots of good press, including this article. The gallery even managed to sell the biggest piece in the show (no easy task).

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