Monday, July 26, 2010

Friends to Convene at Arrowmont

October 18-24, 2010, the Friends of Dard Hunter, hand papermakers, will be at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, Tenn., for their Annual Meeting.

Workshops October 19 - 21
Randy Arnold - Tool Making
Shannon Brock - Pulp Painting
Jim Croft - Making Tools from Bone and Antler
Betsy Dollar - Pulp Spraying
Jon Hook - Sculptural Paper - Clay Moulds for Paper Casting
Yong-sook Kim - Using Hanji for Wearable Art
Susan Kristoferson - Itajime Dyeing and Light Prints for Your Handmade Paper
Amy C. LeePard - The Photographic Image Narrative
Catherine Nash - Explorations in Encaustic
David Reina - Maker a Beater from Available Materials
Peter Thomas - Making Miniature Books

Presentations October 21 - 23
Anita Lynn Forgash Keynote Speaker Jacques Brejoux:
Medieval Stampers: Construction and Use in Pulp Preparation for Hand Papermaking
Tim Barrett - Fifteenth Century European Papermaking Materials and Techniques
Chris Harrison - Schäffer and his Plant Papers
Kate Martinson - Roycroft: Then and Now. Dard Hunter was a Roycrofter
Scott K. Murphy - Papermaking as a Hub in a Liberal Arts Education
Catherine Nash - Beater Finesse: Tips for Paper Artists using the Hollander Beater
Beverly Plummer - Choice, Chance and Anarchy: Making Edible Paper with John Cage
Mary Tasillo and Michelle Wilson - Book Bombs: Handmade Paper in Public Spaces
Cynthia Thompson & David Charles Chioffi - The Perception of Labor: Papermaking in the University Setting

Demonstrations October 21 - 23
Randy Arnold - Building Bookbinding Equipment with Hand Woodworking Tools
Jim Croft - Old Ways Bookbinding and Papermaking Practices
Betsy Dollar - Paper Spraying Techniques
Judy Funk - Paper Casting Techniques
Lisa Hoesing - The Korean Art of Joomchi, or Paper Felting
John Hook - Paper Casting in Bisque Clay Moulds
Aimee Lee - Hanji and its Applications: Korean Papermaking, Paper Felting, and Paper Weaving
Catherine Nash - Encaustic for the Book and Paper Artists
Kelly Nelson & Kerri Cushman - Making Polymer Solarplates for a Relief or Intaglio Print Matrix
Kitz Rickert - Conservation Techniques (TBA)
Earle D Swope - Arborglyph Castings: Paper Pulp Castings from Silicone and Plaster Molds
Peter Thomas - Western Style Papermaking Vatman Techniques

For more information contact:
Shannon Brock, VP of Publicity and Outreach
phone:  718.782.8987

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