Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Breakfast With Cantalope ~ Columbus, OH

Breakfast with Cantalope ~ Ann Silverman w/ Four Worm Environments ~ tinporchpaper.com
Handmade paper with cotton placemats, sewn to wood panel, plexiglass, polished walnut frame.

A piece made in collaboration with 'red wriggler' worms.  Four cotton placemats were embedded in extraneous paper fibers from my studio, trash fibers and floor scrapings. All were formed and dried on a large piece of burlap.  Worms, compost, and two large slices of fresh cantaloupe were placed on each placemat.  Black plastic and an inverted bowl was placed on top of each to create four little vermicomposting environments.  They were left alone for several weeks until only the lacy structure of the cantaloupe rind remained from the initial slices.

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