Monday, February 3, 2014

Member Update: from Allison Roscoe

Aloha! from the 50th state... 

 …The one that they forget to put on the map of the USA. This is Allison Roscoe reporting on an exciting new event happening in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. After 45 years of living here in Paradise I decided I was unhappy…because I could not make paper when I wanted to.

So, I have started The Paper Project in partnership with my museum, the Honolulu Museum of Art School. I purchased a alb beater from David Reina and had it shipped 6,000 miles. I had a carpenter make good moulds, I got a gas burner and huge cooking pot, laundry tubs for vats, drying boards, felts, fiber, a few chemicals, a wet dry vac, and a few other things. The museum is building a small structure to accommodate all of this. Consequently, as of this summer 2014 you can come to Hawaii and make paper.

I joined FDH in NYC about 20 years ago. The organization has offered learning opportunities, shared information, along with great camaraderie. Now I want a similar community support system here in Hawaii, so that the joy and knowledge of paper making can thrive here in the islands. The museum school presently offers classes in printmaking, drawing, painting, fiber arts, some writing and book arts. With this kind of foundation, my intent is to get all of the artists and students interested in making their own paper, for what ever creative purpose they can think up.

I am also a member of a group in Tucson, AZ called PaperWorks. Be sure to look them up on the web. They are an outstanding group with diverse interests and offer lots of workshops with well know teachers. They have a wonderful sense of community which I hope to emulate.
I am indebted to paper. It has given me much happiness,friendships and learning experiences. My contribution to the field is to leave a place where other people can participate in and share the same joys. 

Aloha, Allison Roscoe


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