Monday, March 24, 2014

FDH Membership Portfolio 2014

Thanks to the following 58 contributors we have a 2 Volume set Membership Portfoliofor 2014.  It is amazing to see the diversity of fiber/finished results: elegant, technical, refined, wild and woolly, exotic, vibrant, somber and obviously full of passion. Nobody could ask for a better representation of this group.
Jill Reinhold Jarom, Susan Warner Keene, Ginny Kilander, Betty Kjelson, Carolyn Knox, Steve Kostell, Susan Kristoferson, Claudia Lee, Mary Leto, Jill Littlewood, Christine LoFaso, Kit Lucas, Cheryl Mahowald, Sarah McDermott, Kathryn Menard, Catherine Nash, Patricia O'Neal, Andrea Peterson, Diane Price, Erica Spitzer Rasmussen, Eve Reid, Margaret Rhein, Sally Rose, Sister Thomasette Scheeler OSB, Megan Singleton, Vicki Smith, Paperhouse Studio, Judy Tobie, Ray Tomasso, Marjorie Tomchuk, Bernie Vinzani, Cecil Webster, Kris Westerson, Kathy Wosika, Carol Zemman, May Babcock, Helmut Becker, Marcia Blake, Carol Blinn, Ingrid Butler, Patricia Zabel Canaday, John Carvalho, Cave Paper, U of IA Center for the Book, Paper Circle, Georgie Cunningham, Kerri Cushman, Katy DeMent, Betsy Dollar, Nicole Donnelly, Del Foxton, Helen C Frederick, Sara Gilfert, Joan Hall, Mary Hark, Helen Hiebert, Kate Horvat, Lois James.
Mary Uthuppuru constructed the boxes; her website is
Special Thanks to Andrea Peterson of Hook Pottery Paper

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