Wednesday, March 12, 2014

JILL LITTLEWOOD:: Taking High Shrinkage Abaca to the Theater...

FDH President ~ Jill Littlewood has been experimenting with high shrinkage abaca to create drums, puppets, masks and props for theater.

Below are images of the work she has been doing. She says the following related to this sampling of the items she has been making:

ABOVE: "This is a drum head drying on a wooden hoop. I don't have a finished one yet so I can't show the results. If this doesn't work - if the pulp pulls away from the wood ring - I will put sand into the interior to weigh it down while drying."

ABOVE: Here is a mask, which is incredibly light and strong. It fits me perfectly since it was made on a plaster bandage mold of my face." 

 ABOVE: "Here is the pulp of another mask drying on the mold of my face. I'm using tin foil as a release agent."
ABOVE: "Here I am making an animal head for the top of a staff. The base is tin foil. On the right you can see how the abaca dries to a brownish color. It is translucent, so if the armature looks interesting it can be part of the piece."

ABOVE: "Here is another head for a staff, or perhaps it will be used on a headdress. I covered a wooden statue and let the paper peel back around the eyes."


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