Thursday, March 6, 2014

Shin Hyun Se Making Hanji ~ Korea

Korean Papermaking by Shin Hyun Se ~ FIDES International ~ video by Aimee Lee
Hanji, Korean paper, has a long but often overlooked tradition. This high-quality paper is made from the inner bark of the dak (mulberry) tree, in the countryside where the water supply is clean and abundant. There are many, many stages of papermaking. This video was shot on August 6, 2008 on a site visit to a traditional papermaker who supplies FIDES International with conservation-grade hanji. He has been making paper since he was a teenager, and his is the only surviving mill in a rural village where papermaking used to be plentiful.
Thanks to Bo Kyung Kim of FIDES International and the US Fulbright Program
Camera, Editor: Aimee Lee
© 2008

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