Friday, August 1, 2014

Oguzhan Tugrul ~ 1955-2014

Oguzhan Tugrul ~ Turkey
The Washington Glass School
From now on, I'm going to speak like never i did before,
I'm going to act like never i did before
and I'm going to love like never i did before. Maybe,maybe if i did this before, this will be not happened. God knows...
Today, I'm here to tell something happened.
My lovely father has given his last breath to this world.
He can be left us alone in this world but he didn't. He left us something no one can buy with money. His Friendship with everyone.
He always helped people in need. With no expectation. He was always thinking others not himself and his behavior brought him right here. In grave. There is only one thing left we can do now. We can pray for him and let him know we loved him. God bless his soul.
- His son...Babursah

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