Tuesday, October 14, 2014

{this is ourselves} Under Pressure ~ Bryant Street Studios ~ San Francisco

{this is ourselves} Under Pressure ~ 1890 Bryant Street Studios, 3rd Floor, Studio #308
In accordance with the theme of this year’s joint conference, Paper on the Press{this is ourselves} Under Pressure presents a contemporary perspective on the historic applications of paper & print. For ages, they have worked together to deliver entertainment, to disseminate knowledge, to spread belief systems and propaganda, to report rules, regulations and current happenings. Predated by the town crier, the combination of paper + print (+ human) to get the word out implies a sense of urgency – working under pressure to ask pressing questions & confront pressing issues. The works in {this is ourselves} Under Pressure use traditional and contemporary paper and print making techniques to encounter the pressing issues of today and envision a different future. Participating artists: May Babcock, Jennifer Baker, Drew Cameron, Kerri Cushman + Jessica Peterson, Nicole Donnelly, Julia Goodman, Amy Leners, Kent Manske, Marie Bannerot McInerney, Scott Murphy, Rebecca Redman, Suzanne Sawyer, Anna Terrarova, Michelle Wilson, and Nanette Wylde. 
Opening Reception 6-9pm
Located at 1890 Bryant Street Studios, 3rd Floor, Studio #308
San Francisco, CA 94110  

Exhibition Dates: Oct. 17th from 1-9pm

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