Tuesday, December 9, 2014

An Artist's Bookmobile Looking for Your Support!

Alicia Bailey is an amazing bookbinder, artist book gallery owner, and also someone starting a very cool bookmobile project. Here is Alicia's message to you:

I have a great job; I get to show off artists’ books to visitors at Abecedarian Gallery. I show books to people who love and buy them, and I show books to people who don't know anything about them.

Artists' books are so wonderful, I want to show them to everybody, not just people who can visit the gallery . . . . to people  who live in small towns, far away from museums, galleries and universities. If I raise my own funds I can arrange visits at schools, libraries and community centers without administrative headaches like budget cuts or grant applications. 

What I already have...

I have a lot of wonderful books to take on the road, I have a roomy car and good packing crates, I have a great assistant who will keep the gallery open while I am away. I have a long list of schools, libraries, community centers and art galleries I want to visit. 

What I need from you...

Mostly I need money . . .
• for gas
• for lodging
• for extra insurance for the traveling books
• for paying my assistant to work extra hours while I'm away

What you'll get from me...

There are lots of perks to choose from - I can't put pictures in the perk descriptions so I've put some pics here . . . you can also see a list of perks with links/images and descriptions by clicking here. If the link doesn't work - you'll need to manually type in: www.bit.ly/gogoperks

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