Monday, March 9, 2015

Papermaking & Printmaking Studio For Sale - Lost Coast Culture Machine

Papermaking & Printmaking Studio and equipment + Contemporary Art Gallery - For Sale.

Full Scale Papermaking Studio equipped for professional production & classes, including a 5 lb. Hollander Beater, 50 ton Hydraulic Press, 32 x 48” dry box, a variety of professional & student moulds.

Printmaking equipment includes a Vandercook No. 14 Proof Press, a Showcard Signmaster Proof press, a Full Screenprinting set up: 24 x 36” Exposure Unit, power washer, squeegees, screens, print stations, and Block carving & printing tools for classes.

Exhibition & Display: lighting, pedestals, audio-visual equipment including HD projector, frames, gallery seating, reception supplies.

Also: creative retail space with display cases, and a contemporary art library with over 500 volumes.

The preference is to sell all as one, but will consider piecemeal as well. 

Visit for photos & more info about the space.

If you have interest, or know someone who may have interest, contact Anne Beck at

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