Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Portland, OR Papermaking Studio Takes to the Streets, Bringing Pulp to the People

Papermaking studio Pulp & Deckle is raising funds to purchase this coffee truck and turn it into a mobile studio.
Pulp & Deckle is a community studio and small business that is dedicated to sharing the art, science, history and craft of handmade paper with others. Since launching in the fall of 2012 they’ve grown exponentially, teaching workshops, making custom orders, starting an artist residency program, and filling a need for those who want to connect with the ancient and fascinating artform of papermaking.

Pulp & Deckle have taught guest classes and workshops at the Bamboo Garden, Portland Community College, Pacific University, the ADX maker space, The Museum of the Oregon Territory, Project Grow at Albertina Kerr, The Northwest Library, and the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology. They’ve taught hundreds of students at their North Portland studio, both inside their production space and outside under a pop-up tent. Co-founder and Lead Instructor, Jenn Woodward says, “In our classes and workshops we explore the potentiality of paper, empowering students from diverse backgrounds and experience levels to be makers. When you learn how to make something from scratch you have a different kind understanding of, and appreciation for, what goes into its creation.”

Pulp & Deckle’s Kickstarter fundraising goal for the mobile studio is $10,500. You can find it and get involved at Some of the contributor rewards include a coloring book for adults made with handmade paper, cheeky greeting cards and art prints featuring iconic Oregon scenery, wildflower seed bombs, private instruction, and a “Pulp to the People” t-shirt.

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