Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Earth | Paper | Sky 2016 - Demonstrations in the Botanical Garden at Museum Hill, by Julie Weaver

Demonstrations in the Botanical Garden at Museum Hill, by Julie Weaver

- Catherine Nash- Translucent paper casting with oriental fibers
- Carol Tyroler – The Art of Amate
- Anne Covell- Demonstration of Japanese Papermaking / Cover-Making Technique

The sky was clear and there was paper being made! It was a stunning day in the Botanical Garden on Museum Hill. After navigating down the dirt and stone path, surrounded by interesting plants, cacti, and vegetation, I found myself at a platform with the two talented papermakers, Anne Covell and Carol Tyroler. There were chairs set out for the patient viewer however the demonstrations were too inviting and tempting to not hover around and look on in amazement. Amate was a new material to me. It’s rich and lavish dark brow color made it irresistible. Smooth stones with expertly carved edges pounded into the woven material. It was an immediate reminder of the complex and global history of papermaking. Carol generously let viewers give it a try and even take home a small sample.

At the other table where Anne was located, there were ample supplies and materials to look at. She had finely tuned her craft and made the complicated process look effortless. Her brilliant 3-D-carved blocks were intriguing and elegant, but looked as if they had been around for ages. With plastic wrap and a large brush she was able to make magic happen. 
Last but not least, located in a fabulous nook of the garden was Catherine. Her station was overflowing with people and conversation. The demonstration was irresistible. There was a balance of strength in the stick structures or “frames” paired with the fragile use of fibers. Catherine’s method of pouring and constant motion kept the demo moving and questions flowing. Clearly at ease with her practice, the smooth confidence and thorough knowledge was a delight for anyone watching. I cannot think of a better backdrop for such an informative and beautiful afternoon.

- Julie Weaver

Many thanks to FDH Member Julie Weaver for this article! 

And special bonus, demonstrator Catherine Nash has generously shared the following resources related to her demo below.

Sculptural process: http://www.hatchfund.org/showcase/process_of_a_new_sculptural_work_by_catherine_nash
Art: catherinenash.com
Book: authenticvisualvoices.com
Workshops, articles & blog: papermakingresources.com

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