Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Catherine Nash Seeks Encaustic Art

Hello fellow FDH artists!

This has been in the works and in my brain for some time, but I think I am ready...and am happy to find a co-writer! Haley Nagy and I are co-writing a book that illuminates and presents contemporary international artists who combine paper and encaustic in innovative and diverse ways. We will be curating from artists who are committed to paper (i.e. not just one or two works) and encaustic and are exploring inspirational ways of integration. You are invited to submit your images of appropriate artwork to be considered for inclusion.

Please send me an initial reply to my email address asap that lets me know of your interest with couple of sentences(informal) that tell me how and why you've been involved with paper and encaustic as well as a website link or photo bucket link...no jpegs now. I'll ask for specific images later. I also welcome personal suggestions of artists whose work with these media you highly respect and you think I should contact.
The softcover, bound book (anticipated publication by late summer ’11) will represent committed artists who employ encaustics with paper in a "gallery" format : collage, sculptural paper either cast or formed or woven, monoprinting on paper, painting on paper (pulp paintings), found papers, artist books, photography... or?. Works that explore the diversity of paper and celebrates the renaissance of two ancient media melding in our contemporary art world...
Personally, as an artist who has embraced paper and encaustic in my own work (works on/of paper since the mid 70s and encaustic since the early 90s) I am so excited and jazzed to discover how other artists have explored these rich media!
Looking forward to hearing from you.
All the best, Catherine Nash





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