Sunday, July 24, 2011

Big Ass Papermaking Workshop...

Big Ass Papermaking Workshop 
Instructed by Julie McLaughlin
Friday, August 19 - Sunday 
August 21, 2011
10:00am - 4:00pm   
Location: The Morgan Conservatory 
(Host Organization for the 2012 
Friends of Dard Hunter Conference)
1754 E. 47th Street Cleveland, OH 44103

This 3 day "hands-on, feet-in" workshop takes traditional papermaking techniques to a larger level by creating oversized, thin sheets of paper made from kozo, the inner bark of a paper mulberry tree. When we say big, we mean BIG! It is going to take 4 people working together to pull each large sheet of paper with two people in the vat to disperse the pulp. You will leave the workshop with at least 6... 8'X10' sheets of the kozo paper. As long as the weather is warm and sunny we will be working outdoors and letting the paper dry in the sun. You will learn the entire process from scraping black bark to expose the milky white usable material, to cooking the fiber, hand beating, using the portable Hollander beater, preparing the vat and finally pulling the sheets. In addition you will be pulling smaller sheets of paper using other fibers with a technique which is perfect for elementary school teachers to replicate in their classrooms with little mess or clean up. This will be an action-packed long weekend where you will learn all the basics of papermaking and much, much more.

You can register online at: Morgan Art of Papermaking
or by calling 216-361-9255

Julie McLaughlin was a costume designer for many years before taking a more personal creative journey exploring handmade papers in a sculptural way. Much of her art is based on the corseted silhouette. She maintains a studio in Dysart, Iowa and shows her work both nationally and internationally. Several of her wearable paper garments have been in gallery and runway shows, including the Jeonju Hanji Festival and at the International Costume Culture Conference in Seoul, South Korea. McLaughlin graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in art and has participated in several papermaking and bookbinding residencies / workshops at colleges throughout the Midwest.

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Heidi Radda said...

What a fabulous project to work on. Going to be such a lot of fun. raw food eating well. I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing the completed paper.