Saturday, May 23, 2015

New Exhibitions at the Morgan Conservatory with Wood Engravers Network and Claudio Orso

Piazza, Claudio Orso

CLEVELAND (May 15, 2015) – Things are getting groovy.  Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory and Educational Foundation has invited wood engravers and wood cutters from around the world to present their artwork.

Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory and Educational Foundation will present two concurrent exhibitions in the main gallery featuring Claudio Orso’s Tavola Lunga and Wood Engravers Network‘s Bundles, Collaborations and a Guest.  

The Italian phrase “Tavola Lunga” means “Long Board” but also refers to the extended table for a large number of guests. Claudio Orso’s expressive visual language celebrates the process of manipulating his relief surface and the physical actions of printing through his large-scale woodcuts that invite the viewer to immerse themselves and dine at his table.

Claudio Orso is a printmaker and ceramic sculptor from Turin, Italy who has been living in Ohio for twelve years further developing his craft. He is one of the first resident artists Morgan Conservatory. In addition, Orso will be teaching, ‘What a Relief-An Exploration of Printmaking on Edge’ at the Morgan Conservatory in late August. The workshop will give students a chance to experience Orso’s stylistic lens of relief prints and very strong commitment to art practice.

Orso continuously extends a hand to join his table by staying active in the community. He created ArtReach, a project of art practice and education for teens at the Lorain County Juvenile Detention Home.  He also started the Oberlin Big Parade, an all-town event in May where thousands of people congregate for a public cookout, music and games after a procession of home-made floats and acts from community groups and schools. 

Wesley Bates

Wood Engravers Network‘s Bundles, Collaborations and a Guest is a collaborative project organized by Eric Gulliver that will showcase prints by Wesley Bates and other extremely talented members from across the United States. Bates is an artist specializing in wood engravings, paintings in oils, acrylic and gouache, drawings, etchings, glass engravings, handmade books and letterpress work. 

The collaborators will exhibit a folio of wood engravings printed on Morgan Conservatory’s newly developed Engravers Paper that will illuminate the vibrancy of this group of engravers and the utility of hand papermaking. By utilizing refined end-grain wood blocks, this collective will display the finer qualities of traditional wood engraving techniques through elegant lines, precision color registration, and the meticulous nature of the hand-printing process.  “I was drawn to the medium because it allows an artist to create exceptional prints with little more equipment than a few burins and a wooden spoon.  It meant I could work anywhere, I didn’t need a press and my kitchen table could be a studio”, Eric Gulliver.

Morgan Conservatory’s Engravers Paper is a specialty paper that has been developed and tested with the help of professional engravers to produce an exclusive paper suited for fine engraving and relief printing. It is a 50/50 blend of bleached cotton and abaca fibers, formed on a laid mould, and internally sized to allow impressed inks to sit beautifully on the surface rather than saturate into the paper. This paper has two distinctly textured sides: a rough textured side and an ultra-smooth side. The ultra-smooth face of this paper, the engravers surface, is ideal for retaining the finest details of a meticulous engraving or nuanced relief print.

Cost: Free
Location: Morgan Conservatory

Opening Reception: June 5th 7-9pm
Open Reception Parking: Our E 45th entrance 
(one-way running south between Payne& Commerce).

Exhibition Dates: Friday, June 5th – Saturday, June 18th 
Exhibition Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10am-4pm

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