Thursday, July 16, 2015

Announcing David Carruthers as the 2015 Keynote Speaker at Paper Points North

The Friends of Dard Hunter are honored and excited to welcome David Carruthers as the Keynote Speaker at Paper Points North, the 2015 Annual Meeting. David is the owner and founder of La Papeterie Saint-Armand

David opened Saint-Armand is 1979, after leaving his job at the Pulp & Paper Association of Canada because he had had enough of office work. Papermaking has been in the Carruthers family for generations. David’s grand-father George Carruthers was owner of the Interlake Paper Mill, in Ontario. He also wrote the book “Papermaking” which traces the history of 100 years of papermaking in Canada up to 1905. David’s father was a paper salesman with the family firm and he had a gift for selling ‘remainders’ by the carload. The Papeterie Saint-Armand is located in Montreal’s historic South West Borough and provides handmade paper, machine-made paper, and sanded paper to a variety of clients locally, nationally and internationally. Saint-Armand is a longstanding pillar within Montreal’s community of small/medium manufacturers, and David’s commitment and interest in the local business community is as strong as ever.

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