Monday, February 24, 2014

Joyce Gold & Friends ~ Houston, TX

Joyce F. Gold ~ Celebration Company ~ on facebook ~ Houston, TX
Recycled paper creates unconditional love.
I volunteer at a center for young adults with disabilities to help them create their top selling greeting cards.
They beat recycled paper from their shredded documents in a blender and then I come in with bottles of colored pulp and various craft foam shapes.
They place the shapes on freshly pulled paper and add color.
My challenge is offering them the right tools to succeed.
Smaller bottles (not pictured) for some seem to help a lot. For one individual who is visually impaired, I couch onto a dark stained pellon for contrast. 
The best part is that they don't care if I make mistakes and, of course, they never make mistakes.
I look forward to going every week and they seem to look forward to me coming.
My heart soars when I am with them.

As for my own work, I have been trying to recreate the process of pulp spraying from Betsy Dollar's workshop in St. Louis.

A whole lot of factors to considered, and learning a lot of lessons from my failures. With all the mishaps that are happening to me I wonder how did it go so right for all of us in St. Louis. Betsy made it look easy!

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